Care After Delivery

The Women’s Center Cares for You and Your New Baby

After the baby is born, families are encouraged and welcomed to stay together with their newborn in the Mother/Baby Unit. Your baby will stay in your suite with you in a comfortable, secure sleeper bassinet. During your stay, our dedicated nursing team will check on you often and your newborn will only leave your side for any testing that would need to be performed outside of your suite. Our knowledgeable staff will help you begin the parenting experience while caring for your baby at your bedside.

For further information contact us at 770-991-8000.


Our state-of-the-art Mother/Baby Unit consists of 40 postpartum rooms and a nursery. The unit is staffed with Registered Nurses, techs, and secretaries to facilitate meeting all of your needs during your hospital stay. Our team is available to help you with completing the necessary paperwork for your baby’s birth certificate.

Additionally, we have an independent photo company available to take your baby’s pictures and internet video clips. We offer Mother/Baby education and resources to ensure that you and your family feel confident providing care for your newborn, as well as yourself. We understand that the needs of every woman, baby, and family are unique, and the staff at Southern Regional is committed to going above and beyond your expectations.