How to Begin Breastfeeding

Feeding is a special time for you to nourish your baby, as well as bond emotionally. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed is a very personal decision and it is one we hope you will take to heart. We encourage you to learn about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding can be very frustrating at first. But please don’t give up! It takes time for both you and baby to get the hang of it. Some babies will latch on right away, while others take time to get used to it. If you are patient, you will see what a wonderful experience breastfeeding can be.

One of the keys to a successful breastfeeding experience is getting started early. Breastfeed you baby as soon as possible after birth, preferably within the first hour. The first attempt may feel awkward but it is very important. Your baby may only nuzzle or lick at the breast but that is okay, because your baby is learning.

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Breastfeeding Benefits

Research shows that breastfeeding has many advantages. Breast milk is perfectly matched to your baby’s nutritional needs. And only breast milk contains important antibodies that are important to your child’s health.

Breast milk is more easily digested and filled with antibodies that protect against infection. It’s very convenient, economical and helps in shrinking your uterus back to its normal size. And it contributes to a very special relationship between you and baby.

We hope that you will at least give it a try. Even if you only breast feed for six weeks, the benefits are still great.

Some mothers, however, are unable to breast feed. Maybe your milk supply is not plentiful enough or your milk ducts are blocked. You should not feel inadequate if breastfeeding does not work for you and your baby.