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Mammogram, Diagnostic

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Please Note – What you see here is for information purposes only. While physicians have been consulted on this information, your specific condition may require additional instructions. ALWAYS consult with your physician to obtain specific information about the procedure or the instructions for your procedure.

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Procedure Name: Mammogram, Diagnostic

Department Responsible for performing Procedure:
Women’s Diagnostic Center

Department Contact Information:

For scheduling: 770-991-8144

Where to Report:
Please enter through Women’s Life Center Entrance. Take the elevator to the Terrace Level. Plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Even if you have recently been hospitalized, you must register.

What to Bring:
– Physician Order
– Any forms from your physician relating to this visit
– Your insurance / Medicaid / Medicare card
– Driver’s License / Photo Identification
– A list of all of your allergies
– Please check with your insurance carrier for any authorization requirements.
– Any films or reports from relevant studies not performed at Southern Regional.

Patient Instructions:
– Bring your previous studies that have been done at other facilities.
– Please read the Procedure Information for additional instructions and information.
– Please follow any other specific instructions given to you by your doctor.

Procedure Information:
A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast. A diagnostic mammogram is used when your physician requests further testing based upon a previous screening mammogram or for women who are having a breast problem, (i.e. lump, pain, discharge, skin changes etc.). The area in question is examined very thoroughly with multiple films taken on the potentially problematic area. This type of mammogram typically takes 30 minutes.

You must remove all clothing and jewelry from the waist up and wear a gown. Remove deodorant from under the arm before the mammogram. The mammogram technologist will place your breast on a platform while you stand in front of the x-ray machine. A plate will compress your breast tissue during the x-ray. The pressure may be uncomfortable, but lasts for a few seconds only. Compression spreads out the breast tissue and improves the chances of seeing any abnormal areas. You will be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds during the x-ray. The technologist will take several x-rays from different directions.

Additional Information:
None Currently Available