Vascular Care

Specialty Care for Your Veins and Arteries

Our vascular specialists and surgeons treat conditions that affect the arteries and veins with state-of-the-art care through Southern Regional’s Heart & Vascular Care Center.

The Heart & Vascular Care Center offers leading-edge technology, top-quality care and the warm environment you expect from Southern Regional.

We treat all types of vascular disease. There are many different types of vascular disease, but some of the most common include coronary artery disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

At Southern Regional, we offer an increasing number of minimally-invasive options for treating cardiovascular disease. Cutting-edge treatment options range from angioplasty for opening blocked coronary arteries — to utilizing our Diamondback technology for treating blocked vessels in the lower legs.

The Diamondback 360° Orbital Atherectomy System is a new solution for treating blood vessel blockages in the lower legs, known as critical limb ischemia or peripheral vascular disease. This helps individuals with pain in their legs and feet that might not have been treatable in the past.

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