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Our Pharmacy Department provides inpatient pharmaceutical services 24 hours a day, as well as a Meds-to-Beds program for patients and an Outpatient Pharmacy conveniently located in our Medical Office Building.

The Pharmacy dispenses all of the hospital’s medications and mixes all patient intravenous medications. The Pharmacy team works closely with our patient care units, physicians and clinical teams to evaluate each patient’s medication needs. Our pharmacists are available to advise, consult, and educate patients, families, physicians and our clinical teams.

For further information contact us at 770-991-8066.

Young woman pharmacist at pharmacy

Outpatient Pharmacy​

After your doctor’s appointment or discharge from Southern Regional, you should be asked what pharmacy you would like your prescriptions filled. Choose Southern Regional’s Outpatient Pharmacy.

Our outpatient pharmacy for employees and patients is conveniently located in our Medical Office Building next to the hospital and is ready to handle all of your prescription medication needs. You can trust that our pharmacy team will have your medications for you after a doctor’s visit or stay in the hospital; and will be standing by to answer your questions and explain your medications.

Our Outpatient Pharmacy offers the following benefits:

  • competitive and, often, reduced prescription prices as compared to most retail pharmacies and Express Scripts
  • easy prescription transfer from current pharmacy
  • convenient location close to the hospital and physician offices
  • highly coordinated care between our pharmacy team and your physicians
  • knowledgeable pharmacy team who will explain your medications, provide medication education, and identify any potential issues prior to discharge

Open: Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Location: 33 Upper Riverdale Rd, Suite 20, Riverdale GA
Pharmacy: 770-991-8066.

Fax: 770-991-8072

Our pharmacy accepts most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, Prime Healthcare, and commercial insurance plans. To find out if your specific plan is accepted, please call 770-991-8066.

Meds to Beds

Patient Prescription Delivery Service

When it’s time to be discharged from the hospital, the last thing you want to think about is making a stop at a busy pharmacy on the way home. Choose Southern Regional’s Meds-to-Beds program instead.

We bring pharmacy services directly to your bedside. Our pharmacy technician will deliver your medications and connect you to a pharmacist who will explain your medications and answer your medication questions before you leave the hospital. With our Meds to Beds program, you’ll find:

  • convenient medication education and delivery
  • bedside medication counseling
  • identification of any potential medication issues prior to discharge
  • reduced wait time
  • ease of transition back home after hospital stay
  • improved compliance and adherence to medication
  • prices consistent with retail pharmacy prices

Leave the hospital with your prescriptions in hand, so you can continue your healthcare plan and journey to recovery. Call 770-991-8066 to get started.