Technology at Southern Regional’s Heart & Vascular Care Center

Leading-Edge Technology in Your Neighborhood

As the only hospital in the south metro Atlanta offering angioplasty and around-the-clock cardiac catheterization, Southern Regional’s Heart & Vascular Care Center uses advanced diagnostics and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best cardiac care.

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Bringing Innovation to You

We perform more heart and vascular procedures than any other hospital in the tri-county area and we have been serving our community since 1971. Along with our lasting commitment to providing outstanding care, we are committed to bringing the most innovative technologies to the Southern Crescent to save more lives.

Our Heart & Vascular Care Center has upgraded and expanded its imaging capabilities with new digital imaging equipment for cardiac catheterization. We have also added a new peripheral catheterization lab to diagnose and treat circulatory problems.

We now have three all-digital, state-of-the-art procedure rooms – providing capabilities that are unmatched in the Southern Crescent.

Advanced Scanning

Southern Regional’s Heart & Vascular Care Center has a 64-slice CT scanner (computerized tomography scanner).

This technology allows doctors to view 3-D images of the heart. The scanner performs a series of X-rays so quickly that it can scan between heartbeats and capture crystal-clear images of the heart in seconds.

New Technology for Leg Pain

Many patients experience pain in the lower leg due to blocked blood vessels. This occurs when calcium in blood vessels causes blockages and restricts blood flow.

Doctors at our Heart & Vascular Care Center have a new technology for treating this condition. The Diamondback 360° Orbital Atherectomy System is a breakthrough that helps patients who might not have been treatable in the past.

Here’s how it works. A high-speed diamond-tip drill – about the size of a human hair – opens blood vessels by drilling through blockages and grinding up calcium into tiny particles that can safely pass through the body.

The Diamondback removes blockages all the way down to the toes, which most other devices can’t do. For many patients, the treatment prevents the loss of toes or an entire foot.