Heart & Vascular Care Center Quality

Top-Quality Care Close to Home

Southern Regional’s Heart & Vascular Care Center offers the highest-quality care between Atlanta and macon.

Our center has been nationally recognized for exceeding standards and providing the highest quality care. We are an accredited chest pain center, and we have accredited labs and a nationally-certified cardiac rehab program. No other hospital in the South Metro area offers this superior level of quality.

A center of excellence in the community since 1971, the Heart & Vascular Care Center performs more heart and vascular procedures than any other hospital in the tri-county area. Our doctors do more than 1,600 cardiac catheterizations and 250 angioplasties every year, in addition to a wide range of other procedures.

For further information or appointments, contact us at  770-991-8000.


Saving Lives from Atlanta and Macon

It’s comforting to know the best cardiac care is right in your neighborhood. But it’s also a fact that could save your life during a heart attack.

The first hour after a heart attack – known as the “golden hour” – is critically important to saving the patient’s life. If proper medical treatment is administered within that hour, the patient has a dramatically better chance of surviving and is less likely to have serious heart damage.

As the only hospital in the area offering angioplasty and around-the-clock cardiac catheterization, Southern Regional is where you want to go if you or a loved one is having a heart attack. Our surgeons have the life-saving skills and technology to open blocked arteries at a time when every second counts.