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Chest Pain Center

Southern Regional knows that time is critical diagnosing and treating heart attacks. Every second counts during a heart attack.

The American College of Cardiology has recognized Southern Regional Medical Center for its demonstrated expertise and commitment in treating patients with chest pain. Southern Regional has been awarded Level 5 Chest Pain Center Accreditation with Primary PCI based on rigorous onsite evaluation of the staff’s ability to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients who may be experiencing a heart attack.

Our designation as a Chest Pain Center with PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention, also known as angioplasty) ensures that Southern Regional Medical Center meets or exceeds national standards for cardiac care, and routinely performs angioplasty – a less-invasive alternative to open-heart surgery for certain heart attack patients.

For further information or appointments, contact us at  770-991-8000.

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Moving Fast to Save Lives

An important part of our expertise is that we can quickly diagnose heart attack patients and provide rapid angioplasty. This is critical because treating patients quickly means saving more heart muscle.

If you come to our Emergency Department with chest pain, you will be assessed promptly and if needed, sent to our chest pain center right away.

Southern Regional also works closely with local Emergency Services to decrease the time between the initial 911-call and medical treatment or angioplasty.