Olga Rosales, Southern Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Services Unit Secretary, was honored today with a Healthcare Rosales_OlgaAwardWEBWarrior Award at the annual Clayton County Chamber of Commerce Valor Public Safety Awards.

For nearly 17 years, Olga has been dedicated to the patients and families that Southern Regional serves, but her quiet, steadfast, compassionate demeanor rose to an even higher level throughout the past year as we all struggled to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Olga, who is fluent in English and Spanish, made herself available throughout the hospital to be an onsite interpreter, especially for families during critical moments. She held family members hands, spoke to them with care, and interpreted for physicians who were reassuring families or delivering challenging, decision-making news. Her kindness and calming voice never waivers and the compassion in her heart shines through her eyes.

In addition to handling all that comes with her position, like maintaining supplies, coordinating the patient board and patient transportation, handling endless calls, or reaching out to physicians, Olga is always ready and available for whatever need to be handled. She tends to patients by bringing them a warm blanket, ice chips, or a meal; greets family members; assists every member of the team and assists arriving EMS crews. She even coordinates the distribution of meals to EMS crews on Thanksgiving and has coordinated countless donations to the Emergency Department team throughout the pandemic. She does it all with an incredibly caring and pleasant attitude – always providing exceptional customer service

Olga is truly a compassionate, dedicated warrior in every sense of the word and so truly deserving of the 2021 Healthcare Warrior Valor Award.